Yin Yoga with Harp Therapy

Amir is a certified Vinyasa, Yin and Restorative yoga teacher. He is also certified Harp Therapy practitioner from International Harp Therapy Program and by applying his skills in the ancient art of Harp Therapy, he creates magical, therapeutic, and exceptional yoga experience for his clients.

Harp Therapy is an ancient art and healing modality. The resonant sound of harp provides comfort care and creates a cradle of sound to help individuals in times of physical, emotional, and spiritual stress. Amir has integrated Harp Therapy with his teaching in Yin and Restorative yoga and the result is unique and nourishing for body and mind. His classes has healing and caring ambience and his teaching is focused on conscious breath, injury prevention, and introspective moments.

Start lördag den 5 mars, tid 16-17
Kostnad en provklass 250:-.
Bokar man 10 gånger 300:-/ gång =2750 (minus de 250 för första gången)
Drop-in 325:-, i mån av plats.
Anmälan genom att Swisha på Amirs telefonnummer, 0702-181878
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Kontakt: seifouria@gmail.com

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